Teaching Events

Please note: Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, all of our events remain under review.

Upcoming Events

  • The Fire of Faith
    Sat, 01 Oct
    Red Hill Barn - Free Event
    A fire will only burn as strong as its 'materials'. Our faith is just like a fire, revealing and reflecting in us the same characteristics and challenges. Join Mark for the afternoon to explore this truth together.
  • Where is the Promise of His Coming?
    Sun, 06 Nov
    Red Hill - Free Event
    People have been talking about Jesus coming back for a very long time as He promised He would. Join Peter as he guides you through what scripture teaches and how this relates to commonly held views among believers about End Times and the Last Days.
  • The Pharisees
    Sat, 26 Nov
    Red Hill - Free Event
    Join Tom for an afternoons teaching to explore some of the extra-Biblical sources which provide additional insights into who the Pharisees were along with some of their contemporaries.
  • From the Ends of the Earth
    Sat, 14 Jan
    Red Hill - Free Event
    A free seminar led by Tom Brooker; come and join Tom on a Journey into the scriptures that foretell the restoration of the kingdom of Israel and the regathering of the Jews from exile.
  • The Turin Shroud
    Sat, 11 Feb
    Red Hill - Free
    This is a free event, led by Ady Ornsher. Join him on a visual journey into the enigma that is the Shroud of Turin as he explores its unique and many qualities; its provenance and history, its scriptural alignment and forensic attributes... and see which way the evidence points.
  • Divine Judgement
    Sat, 10 Sept
    Red Hill - Free Event
    The Bible says that God will ultimately bring a final judgement upon people and nations but on what basis will that occur and when will it happen? Join Peter Timms for an afternoon of teaching, exploring this question and other associated issues from a biblical perspective.